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About Velvet wood floor NYC


Velvet Wood Floor, New York, NY

Velvet Wood Floor, is a wood floor company based in New York, and offer all kinds of wood flooring services in New York. Whether you are looking for wood floor refinishing, sanding, cleaning, repairs or a brain new hardwood floor, we can help. Whether it is a commercial wood floor, or a residential one, we can do it. With years of experience in the field, no project will be too simple or too big for us to perform.
We carry tools and machines from leading brands, designed for the American standards and for the wood floor in New York. We offer free estimate for all types of wood floor services, and we are ready to share the experience and the knowledge we acquired during many years in the field.

Our Mission

Our first mission is to see the smile on our customers faces when they see the final product, once we completed our job. When we take a wood floor that looks like it need to be replaced, and we do what we do best and restoring the floor, we know that once again, we added a new satisfied customer to our list.
We see our job as a form of an art work. When you are working with wood floors, and you know that no 2 wood floors are identical, you must bring your experience and your imagination to work, otherwise you are not giving your customer the best advice and the best service he deserve.
When we started Velvet Wood Floor, we decided that we will build a reputation of a quick and efficient wood floor company, but at the same time a company that stand behind what they believe, and that is to always do our job with love, no matter how small or how complicated the project is.

Our Wood Floor Technicians

We train our technicians to give everything for every project. Whether it is a new wood floor installation, a wooden stairs repair, or a hardwood floor sanding service, they know that they have a reputation to maintain, and the only way to maintain it is by providing a high quality service.
All our technicians are trained, licensed, and they only allow to perform a service once we made sure that they are ready. But besides being trained in the wood floor field, they also need to know that they represent Velvet Wood Floor, and they know that the way the present themselves in front of our customers, is the way Velvet Wood Floor is presented. So besides working on their flooring skills, we also put a lot into their customer service skills.

Our Service Area

We are based in Manhattan New York, but we service all 5 Boroughs of New York. Whether it is a wood floor sanding in Brooklyn, a new floor installation in the Bronx, a commercial service in Queens, or an engineered floor in Staten Island, we can help.
If you are located outside NYC, and you heard about our garage door services, or you are interested in receiving a free estimate, we will be there for you. Although located in Manhattan, we have successfully perfumed projects in Westchester County, Long Island and New Jersey. Since we believe that when someone need our help, we must there for them, because wood floor is what we do, and when you are a real pro, it doesn’t matter to you if it is a wood floor in NYC, Westchester County, or in Long island.


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