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If you live in Brooklyn New York, and you are looking to install new hardwood floor, or searching for a reliable contractor to refinish your hardwood floor, Velvet Wood Floor from NYC will be the best decision. We specialize in all types of wood flooring services in Brooklyn, including installation and sanding.
We are proud of the fact that every wood project we accepted we completed in the best possible way, and with a magic of turning the wood floor into a wood floor that look like a new floor. After years in the wood flooring field, no project is too simple or too complicated for us, since wood is what we do, and we like to think we do it best. We offer free estimate for all hardwood flooring projects in Brooklyn New York.

What type of flooring services do you offer in Brooklyn?

We specialize in repairs, refinishing and installation. And since we believe that when you are doing something you should do it right, and you should know everything there is to know about it, we offer all kinds of wooden flooring services. Whether it is a refinishing project in Brooklyn, or hardwood floor installation in NYC, we can help. We have teams of trained technicians, who can perform any kind of flooring service, whether it is a repair, hardwood floor refinishing service, or a completely new installation. Whatever it is that you need, we are the answer in Brooklyn.

Why should I choose a wood floor?

If you are planning to use the services of a flooring company in Brooklyn, but you are not sure what type of flooring service to use, and you are not sure if tile floor or wood floor will be your best choice, allow us to try and show you why you wood will be the best decision, whether you live in Brooklyn, in Manhattan, or anywhere else in new York.

The benefits of hardwood floor:

It is the most beautiful option
You are right, we are bribed, and since wood flooring is what we do, you may think that this is the reason why we recommend it. But the truth is that we honestly believe that wood is the most beautiful type of flooring that fit all houses in Brooklyn.

Easy to maintain.

If you live in Brooklyn New York, you probably know that sometime the most difficult thing to deal with is the dirt and the dust. But luckily for you, wood floors are easy to clean and maintain. No need for chemicals and other unhealthy products. Just a through vacuuming, and little bit of moist mop, and the wood is clean again.

Increase the value of your house

Many people will agree with us, that wooden floors give prestige and a particular look to a house. And ask yourself one simple question: Whenever I entered a house in Brooklyn that had a wooden floor, what did it made me feel, and what is the energy the place gave me? If you know the answer, you probably understand why many real estate agents in Brooklyn New York will prefer to sell a property with hardwood floor over any other type of flooring.

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Always in Style

Wood floor can fit anything. Rugs, curtains, carpets, furniture, window design and more. All you need to do is to choose the right design and color and you have the perfect wood floor in Brooklyn. The options in terms of design, shapes and colors are limitless, and we can provide you with any type of design you have on mind.


Wood floors can be restored and refinished to look just like new. If after 10 years it looks old, or you just feel like you want to fresh it up, all you need to do is to contact a wood flooring contractor in Brooklyn, to provide you with a refinishing service, and to make your it look like new gain.

  1. Who install wood floors in Brooklyn?

    Glad you asked. One of our many specialties is wood floor installation in Brooklyn New York. We can install different types of hardwood from variety of designs, shapes and colors. We will help you find the perfect floor for you.
    With rich experience in the field, and after countless successful projects in Brooklyn and in NYC, we can say that we have the experience and the knowledge to give you the right advice. We can recommend to you about the best flooring solution for you, and to let you choose from hundreds of designs and options. We carry woods from leading brands, designed for the American standard, and designed to fit the climate in Brooklyn New York.

    Should I also use hardwood flooring for my kitchen and bathroom?

    This is a tough question that we would like to divide into 2 answers. But first we would like to make it clear that one of the biggest enemies of a hardwood floor – in Brooklyn or anywhere else - is standing water. And since the kitchen and the bathroom are places which are more likely to spill water on the floor, many home owners avoid flooring them with wood floor.
    So while we can say that you definitely use wood floor for your kitchen, and you will have to make sure that water that spilled on the floor will be wiped immediately. We will say that it may best to avoid flooring bathroom with wood floor, since the place likely to get wet very often – something that will eventually damage and hurt the floor.

    Wood flooring services Brooklyn

    Wood Floor Refinishing Service Brooklyn

    Even if you purchased the best wood floor in Brooklyn, and used the services of the most experience contractor in Brooklyn, and even if you maintained the floor and made sure that it will remain protected as possible, after 10-15 years, it may look old, and the years have changed it and made it look dull and old. But a worn hardwood floor doesn’t mean that it is time to replace it and install a new wood floor.
    One of the biggest advantages that wood floors have over other kinds of flooring is the fact that (most of them) they can be refinished and to look like new again. You just need to contact a wood floor refinisher in New York, who will come to your place, inspect it and its condition, and will give you an advice. There are different methods to refinish a wood floor in Brooklyn, and we can offer you a variety of options to choose from, to make sure that it will look like new again.

If you want to preserve your hardwood floor in Brooklyn, and to maintain it so it will keep looking like new for many more years, you should make sure that you clean and maintain it correctly. Read the article on how to maintain a wood floor.

Wood Floor Sanding Brooklyn New York

Our preferred word to describe our sanding services in New York is “magic”. When you look at your wood floor once we have completed our service, you will find it hard to believe that this is the same one that you had before. And the expression on your face when you see your home with the refinished wood for the first time is why we are in this kind business, and why we love what we do.
If you will ask each one of the people who used our sanding services in Brooklyn, they will all tell you one thing: They did a great job. We know that the sanding process can be an exhausting process for the home owner, and we know that you invest a lot of money in making the wood look like new again. This is why we do all that we can to make the sanding process quick, efficient, and perfect, so you will know that when you searched for a wood flooring company in Brooklyn, you did the right thing when you chose us.

Can I use your sanding serviced for all wood floors in Brooklyn?

Unfortunately the answer is no. But this is not because we can’t do it, it is simple because sometime it is impossible. If the condition of the wood is too bad to be sanded, if the wood isn’t thick enough, or if the floor is too fragile to last through the process of the sanding, we will avoid sanding it, and we will recommend to you to choose a different method of refinishing. But no need to worry, we offer all kinds of services in Brooklyn, and we will help you choosing the right method for your floor.

Do you also offer repairs in Brooklyn?

As we said, we offer all types of wood flooring services in Brooklyn, and since repairs are an inseparable part of a floor refinishing, we provide repair services as well. We repair cracks, nicks, split, buckling wood and more. Whatever the problem is, we can repair it.
If you are not sure what the best thing for you to do is, whether to refinish the floor, replace it with a new one, cover it with rugs, or another question you may have, we can help you. We offer consultation based on years of experience, and now, looking back at years of servicing hardwood floors in Brooklyn, we can say that there is no project we will not be able to complete, residential or commercial.

Commercial Wood Flooring in Brooklyn New York

When you are dealing with commercial flooring, and it doesn’t matter if it is a commercial space in Brooklyn or a wooden floor in Manhattan, there are few other things you need, in order to be ready to deal with commercial projects. You need enough experienced technicians who are ready to deal with large projects, you need the right equipment which is designed to give solutions to commercial projects, and you also need to understand that time may be an important parameter in the estimate, and the deadline can sometime worth more than the projects itself.
We at Velvet Wood Floor ready for all types of wood flooring including commercial refinishing and installation in Brooklyn New York.

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Wood Flooring Services Brooklyn New York

To us it doesn’t matter if you need a new installation in Brooklyn Heights, or a refinishing service in Bay ridge New York, because we can provide you with all kinds of wood floor services in Brooklyn NY. We offer top quality refinishing and sanding services, and we ready to add you to our long list of customers who can testify that when it comes to wood flooring in Brooklyn New York, Velvet Wood Floor will be the right choice.
We offer free estimates for all types of projects, commercial and residential restoration and installation, and we guarantee that we will make your floor look like new again once we will complete the service and perform our magic. All you need to do is to contact us, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you and to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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