Wood Floor Refinishing New York

There are many reasons that may lead you to look for wood floor refinishing company in New York. From a floor that looks and feel old, through scratched floor, to moving into a new house, or just feeling that it is time to renew things around the house; we can tell you that if you own a place with hardwood floor, there aren’t many things you can do to fresh its look, as to refinish the floor.
One of the biggest advantages of having a wood floor in your place, is that after years of using the floor, and when you want it to look like new again, there is no need to replace the whole floor and install a new one; all you need to do is to use the services of refinishing company in New York, to come to your place and do the refinishing job. You will not believe how well and like new your wood floor can look like. And we are certain that the first thought that will come to your mind will be: Why did we wait that long?

What are the steps of hardwood floor refinishing in New York?

The first step of every job is meeting in your place, inspecting your wood floor, and deciding together with you what will be the best process for you. Not every renew for a wood floor require sanding, there few things to inspect before deciding what will be the best process for your wood floor. This meeting is for free, since we offer free estimates in New York. Our estimator will examine your wood floor, measure it, check the thickness of your flooring and make sure that your floor is indeed fit for a sanding job. Although a solid hardwood floor in New York can take 10 refinishing jobs since it was installed, there is a need to physically inspect the floor before determining which process to use.
After we decided which kind of wood floor service to apply, we will start the refining process, which consist of few parts, which we would like to discuss bellow:

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  1. 1. Preparations for wood floor refinishing: We always say that a good wood floor refinishing, whether it is a wood floor refinishing in Manhattan New York, in Brooklyn New York or in the Bronx, start from good and thorough preparation of the area where we about to work. We need to remove all objects from the room, including sealing and protecting objects that cannot be removed (like light fixture, light switches, door opening etc…)

  2. 2. Sanding the wood floor: This is a process of sanding the wood floor to remove its upper layer, to smooth the floor, and prepare for the nest part. This is a messy process, which require many preparations to try and make sure it will include as less dust and dirt as possible, and Velvet Wood Floor is one of the top companies in New York that ensure that the refinishing process will go as smooth as possible. You can visit our article about wood floor sanding in New York to read more.

  3. 3. Repairs: If there are parts that require repairs, cracks or deep scratches in the wood that need to be sealed, we can do that for you.

  4. 4. Staining the floor: After completing the sanding process, and complexly remove any dirt or dust left behind (Even a dustless sanding process will leave some dust by the end of the job); it is time to satin the wood floor. This process depend on the color you choose for you floor, and the conditions. It may require more than one layer, to get to the desired result.

  5. 5. Apply finish: Once the satin dried completely (As recommended!), you start applying the finish. Again, like the rest of the steps, each wood floor require different approach and different levels of work.

A good preparation for refinishing, can make the whole process go smoother, cleaner and of course faster. When you prepare the area for the job, removing obstacles and objects from your way, it will eventually help you get the desired results in a shorter time, and of course with no damage to the furniture or other objects in the work space.


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What should I know before refinishing a floor in New York?

There are many things you should ask yourself, or the wood flooring contractor you chose to work with, before starting a refinish project. Answering those questions can make it easy to complete the process so both sides will know what to expect, and to get the desired result of a professionally refinished hardwood floor. We gathered a list of questions, you should consider when contacting a wood flooring contractor in New York:

  • Do I need sanding? Not every floor refinishing require sanding. There are many things to consider before deciding which process will be the best process for you. An experienced wood floor contractor can definitely give you advices that can shorten the process, and get you the best results.

  • What do you want to achieve by refinishing the floor? Do you want a darker color? Do you want a smooth or rough texture?

  • Does the floor need repairs as well? What is the condition of the floor, how thorough will the process be?

  • How long the refinishing process will take? Different methods of refinishing require different amount of time. We always do all we can to make the process as quick and professional as possible, but at the same time, there are certain requirements and variables which are not depend on our skills, like the weather condition in New York at the time of the project. Even if it is usually allowed to walk on the refinished floor again after 24-48 hours, it may take many more days for the coating completely stable.

  • What about the furniture? As we explained earlier, all objects must be removed from the room in order to perform the refinishing. What kind of solutions you have and what are your options.

  • Are there any other home improvements involved? Like any other home improvement, there are steps toward the final result. If you need to have some dry-wall remodeling works to be done, plumbing, wall painting, garage door repair, or any other job in your house, you should consider placing the wood floor refinishing at the end.

  • Who should I hire? You may think that since we are a hardwood flooring company in New York, we may have self-serving reasons and interest to recommend you to avoid refinishing your wood floor by doing it yourself. But the truth is that even if you will be able to perform the job by DIY, it will be difficult for you to achieve the professional final result that you could if you would hire a wood floor refinisher in NYC. To for more reading, you can visit this article that help choosing the right wood floor contractor for you.

  • How to find a good wood floor contractor? There are many things to consider before deciding which the best contractor for your next project is. And there are many articles written about that. But one thing we can recommend, and that we believe is people do not give it enough thought, is the recommendation and the reviews of the contractor, and the chemistry between you and him. The refinishing process can be exhausting process, and it is important that you will find a contractor that “understand” your needs, and which is open to different requests.

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    Hardwood Flooring Sanding and Screening service NYC

    When people hear the “hardwood floor refinishing”, they usually think about a long process of sanding and coating their floor. The truth is that not every hardwood floor refinishing require sanding. In some cases screening will be enough.  The screening is a simpler, cheaper and quicker process that can also get your wood floor the look you wish for it. So the question that remain is what type of service do I need sanding or screening service? To answer this question, we will go over the hardwood screening in New York, and try to shed some light on the subject.

    What is wood floor screening?

    Hardwood screening is usually used when the damage to the floor is not sever, and all that the floor need is shallow polishing and renew. The screening process removing only the wood floor’s finish layer, without cutting deep into the wood itself. It is important to note that it is not recommended to screen a wood floor that have been waxed. We offer all types of refinishing in New York, including Screening.

    When should I screen and when should I sand?

    It is mostly depend on the condition of your wood floor. If your wood floor is in really bad condition, and the damage to the floor reached the wood itself, screening will not be enough for you, since you need a more aggressive tool, to go deep into the floor, and will smooth and equal the board. Since it is going Depp, and involve more tools and require more time, it will cost more, and will take more time to complete the job.
    If the wood floor is in relatively good condition, and just require some minor service just to refresh its appearance, screening will be enough, since it is both cheaper, quicker, and require less time than the sanding job. For hardwood floor screening service in New York, please contact us.

    So what should I do?

    It is difficult to answer this question without physically examine your hardwood floor; unless you have some experience in the field, and can tell when screening will be enough, and when there is a need for sanding to perform a good refinish. The best thing for you to do, will be to contact a wood floor finishing company in New York that will send a specialist to your place, who will inspect the condition of the floor, and will give you the best advice for which will be the best refinishing choice for you. In general, if screening will be enough to get you the required result, there is no reason to spend more money and time than you must.

    Where can I rent refinishing tools in New York?

    If you are planning to perform the refinishing by yourself, whether it is to sand the floor or to screen it, we suggest you think it over. You may know someone who refinished his floor by DIY, or you may searched online and leaned that it is not that difficult, but we can tell you one thing: It doesn’t matter if it is a wood floor sanding in New York, or a garage door repair in NYC, things aren’t as simple in real life as they may seem on a youtube Video that teach how to refinish your wood floor by yourself. Remember, no 2 wood floors are the same, and the refinishing you saw in the tutorial you saw online may not work for your wood floor.
    You may think that we got selfish reasons why we recommend to avoid doing it yourself, but when we are receiving calls from people who did try to do it by themselves, and they only ask us to help them complete the job, and we usually answer that everything need to be re-done since the base is wrong, we always hear the same answer which is” Why did I got into this”. We are not saying that it is impossible, we only say that you should make sure that you know exactly what you are doing, because in many cases it may result with unprofessional look of the wood floor, and sometime with a greater loss of money and time than if you would of contact a wood floor company in NYC to do the job for you.

    Velvet wood floor services

    Velvet Wood Floor Services New York

    Velvet Wood Floor on NYC offer different kinds of wood flooring service in New York, and have successfully completed countless amount of wood floor projects in New York, including new hardwood floor installation, refinishing service, sanding, screening, repairs and more.
    We offer free estimates for all types of wood floor projects in New York, and we carry with us tools and machines form leading companies, designed for the American standard and the hardwood floors in New York. All our technicians are experienced, licensed and trained by us, to provide a high quality service, combined with respectful customer service, maintaining the reputation we acquired as one of the leading wood floors companies in New York.
    If you need help with a wood floor project, if you are not sure what you need, if you are looking for a professional advice, Velvet Wood Floor is here for you. Just contact us and one of our specialists will be with you.