Wood Floor Installation New York

If you ever took part in a house renovation in New York or anywhere else, Or if you ever been involved in interior design project. You probably know that the flooring is one of the most influencing part of determining how the place will look like by the completion of the project, and what will be the theme or the look that the place will have.
We think that the houses in New York, which have wood floor installed are the most beautiful houses. But hardwood floor services in New York is what we do, so we can say that we are a little bribed. But a smart person said once, to each his own. So this article is written from a point of view of someone who love hardwood floors, and his passion is repairing, installing and maintaining hardwood floors in New York. But that doesn’t mean that I will not bring arguments in favor of other type of flooring in New York, which have some benefits that the wood flooring do not poses. Now that it was said clearly, let’s start.

What are the benefits of installing a wood floor in NYC?

If you live in New York, you probably visited in different houses, and “felt” the energy that a house with wood floor transfer to you, comparing to other forms of flooring. There is a reason why so many residents of NYC choose the wood flooring above other options. Here is a list of reasons, why you should (Or shouldn’t choose to install a wooden floor in New York)

  1. 1.As we wrote earlier, we think that the hardwood floors is flooring in its most beautiful form. But again, this is our opinion, but if you agree with us and you live in New York, you just found the first reason to choose a wood floor. Even those who won’t agree with us, will find it difficult to argue about the fact that a hardwood flooring give a house an elegance, esthetic and warmth look.

  2. 2. Natural and eco flooring. If you love the feeling of the wood under your feet, and you like the “natural” look and energy the wood floor give to your house, you may want to choose the wooden wood floor. Many home owners in NYC told us that this is one of the things the like the most about having a wood flooring.

  3. 3. Easy maintenance. Wood floors are considered as easier to clean and to keep clean than other forms of flooring in New York. For example, a carpet flooring will accumulate more dust and bacteria than a hardwood floor.

  4. 4. Increasing of the value of the property. Many real estate agents in New York, will tell you that it is easier for them to sell and to get a better price for a house with wood floor than for a house with any different type of flooring. It is hard to argue with the fact that a wood floor refinishing can really improve the interior appearance of a house, In New York or anywhere else.

  5. 5. Great value for your money. There aren’t many things that you purchase, and their beauty just improve with the years. One of the advantages of wood flooring is that it will always look good, never goes out of style, and another important thing, if you think that it is time to renew the floor, you do not need to replace it, but you only need to use the services of a wood floor refinishing company in new York, and by the end of the refinishing service your hardwood floor will look new like it was installed yesterday.

This is only a partial list. There are many other benefits for choosing to install a new wood floor in New York like better acoustic, feeling of specious, huge selection of types of wood and colors, easy to maintain and more.

Wood floor installer New York

  1. New Hardwood Flooring in NYC

    Ok, I like the wood flooring idea, but which floor should I choose? A new wood floor is something that you should give a lot of thought, and ask people and even the wood flooring contractor which type. Color and design they recommend. Like we said, the options are endless, and we never had a customer that eventually did not find exactly what he was looking for, we offer all types of flooring in New York and we will help you get the perfect flooring that you always wanted.
    Know that each wood floor is unique, and the style and color you see on the catalog may change at the time of the installation. You can try and use 2-3 samples in your home, and see if they are really matching and looks like you hoped.
    Another thing you can and should do, is to try and purchase the floor from the same store or the same wood contractor, so the product will be identical as possible to what you had on mind. Also here, like everything else in life, there are levels of prices and levels of qualities. So if you are planning to purchase a new wood floor, keep in mind that some wood floors in New York can last for many years, and some of them will last for good. And that if in about 10 years you will choose to renew it, you just call a wood floor sanding service in New York, and your floor will look again like it was just installed.

    Wood Floor Installer NY

    Choosing a contractor in New York to perform a wood floor installation is no less important as choosing what color or design your new hardwood floor will include. There are many wood flooring companies in Manhattan New York, some of them are very professional, and have the knowledge to perform any kind of wood flooring project, whether it is a wooden flooring refinishing, wood floor sanding and more. But being professional is not enough. Choosing a wood floor contractor in New York should include few more parameters that we would like to go over in our article. In general, we can say that sometime you need to have good chemistry with the contractor, and it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door service in New Rochelle, or a hardwood floor repair in Manhattan New York.
    Here is a list of the things you should consider when choosing a hardwood contractor in New York:

    • First, ask people you know. You may surprise to learn that every customer who used a wood floor contractor in New York will have a firm opinion about the contractor. And it usually end with YES or NO. If they went through a bad experience with the contractor, it may save you the time of meeting him, and if they had good experience and can recommend about his services, then you can add him to your list of potential hardwood contractors in NYC.

    • Get multiple estimates. It is always good to hear different opinions. You may be surprised to learn how two contractors can see and estimate a wood floor project in different ways.

    • Online reviews. Today we can learn a lot about a business just by reading the reviews customers have left about the business. A good place to search for reviews is Yelp, who offer a platform for genuine opinions and reviews about almost any business in NYC. Another option is Google review page, just search for a wood floor service in New York and see how many results and reviews it is going to reveal.

    • When you meet with the contractor, try to learn if he see things the same way you see it. Because sometime people can imagine the final product, a new wood floor installation in this case in different ways.

    • If you think that you have the knowledge and the will to learn how to install a new wood floor by doing it yourself, you may consider jumping to the nest paragraph of our article.

      Installed wood floor NYC

Good and thorough preparation can make everything easier later when you will perform the installation. Take the time to go over the list of tools and parts that you will need, and make sure that the area is clean and everything is ready for the installation.

Do it yourself Wood Floor Installation

Now we are getting to the part where we never sure if to recommend you to go ahead and perform the installation by yourself, or use the services of a wood floor installer in New York. The problem with do it yourself projects, and it doesn’t matter if it is a new wood floor installation in New York, or a roll up gate repair in Manhattan, is that the online tutorials make it seem easy to achieve, but real life are way too far from the Virtual world. Many times we receive calls for emergency help, and find someone who followed all the instructions, but still couldn’t perform the job.
And one important thing: There are levels for every job. Which mean that if you installed the wood floor by yourself, it doesn’t mean that a professional installer that installed hundreds of floors in New York couldn’t do a better job.
If the reason you are want to install the wood floor by yourself is to save money, we will recommend you to avoid doing it by yourself and contact a flooring company in New York. Too often we see people who spent so much more time and money than they would of spend if they hired a contractor in the first place. But if you want to learn the field, love to work with your hands and with power tools, we would like to help you get the best possible results.

What do I need if I want to install a new wood floor by myself?

If you have never worked with wood or with flooring in the past, you will need a deep and thorough search and study. A lot depend on how much knowledge and experience (In home improvement projects) you have, and how much time and patient you are willing to give to the project.

  • A new wood floor installation in New York is not easy as just following the instructions on the Video or on the tutorial you are watching, since they only describe how to install the hardwood floor they use, and in the specific place where the Video was taken You floor is different, and the wood you will use may also be different.

  • A wood floor installation can be dangerous. Make sure you know exactly what you are doing, and avoid unnecessary risks.

  • You must be prepaid to unexpected issues and the way to deal with them. Every installation is different and require some common sense in order to get over those unexpected difficulties.

  • Make sure you have everything you need, so you won’t need to stop in the middle and get the missing part.

  • If you are not sure ask before taking unnecessary risk. A tip from experience contractor can save you a lot of time, and can even protect you from injuries.

  • Here is a partial list of articles and Videos that will get you started in the wood flooring world. Again, installing a new hardwood floor is not a simple project, and demand knowledge, patient, and will to deal with detail and sometime complicated process.

  • How to install prefinished wood floor by Wikihow

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    Do it yourself wood floor installation

    New hardwood flooring in New York

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