Wood Floor New York

Hardwood Floor, whether it is a residential wood floor in Manhattan NY, a commercial space in Brooklyn, or anywhere else, many will agree that it add a classic look to the place where it is installed. And the beauty is that for wood floors, like a good wine, they can just improve over the years, and can add a “character” to the place.
But beside the traditional reasons to choose hardwood floor over other flooring options in New York, there are other values that come with a wooden floor. From the wood floors that can last for decades, to the fact that they give a feeling of warmth to the hose, through easy to clean and maintain, through the popular believe that hardwood floors can raise the value of a property with the prestige and unique look it give to the room, a wood floor will be a good decision to people who consider to install new floor.
In this article we will try to go over the different types of wooden floors, the repairs and maintenance they require, the way to install them how to choose a wooden floor, and of course in our day, a do-it-yourself (DIY) wood floor refinishing and installation.

Why wood floor?

If you lived in NYC, you most had chances to visit places with different types of flooring. From Tiles, to carpet, you can find everything in New York. But there is also a chance you visited places with wood floor installed. Many people believe that a wooden floor can add a lot to a place in terms of beauty, and that can be argued. So instead of giving you information whether to install or no to install a wood floor in NYC due to cosmetic reasons (We admit that we are a little bribed in that matter ;), we decided to go over the basic qualities of a hardwood floor, and allow you to see them for yourself:

Why Wood Floor is the best

  1. 1. Property Value: Many real estate’s agents will tell you that houses with wooden floor will worth more just because there is a wooden floor installed, comparing with houses with different type of flooring. They will actually tell you that it is easier for them to sell a house with a wooden floor, more than if there was a different floor installed.

  2. 2. Maintenance: As long as people avoid walking over wood floors with type of shoes that can damage the surface of the wood (Like High heels), your wooden floor in New York will not need any service like wood floor sanding in less than 10 years.

  3. 3. Cleaning: The wood floors are considered as easy to clean, since they collect less dust and dirt than other type of floor such as a carpet floor.

  4. 4. Variety: Unlike other types of floors, wood floors can be sanding, and repainted, with the same or with different color. When you actually getting “few” new floors, with the price of only one installation.

  5. 5. Choose your floor: Hardwood floors give endless amount of colors and designs, so you can get exactly the type, the design and the color of wood floor you desire.

  6. 6. Can be renewed: While other types of floors can get old, and lose their beauty, the wood floor can just improve, and the most important, if you would like it to look like new again, you do not need to replace it, you just need a wood floor refinishing service in new York, and your wood floor will look like new again.

  7. 7. Aesthetic reasons: Yes, we said we will not go into that, and yes we are bribed, but still, for us the beauty of a wooden floor will always stay in the first place when choosing considering which kind of flooring service to use. And as the old saying go: Beautiful things will never go out of style. And as a proof, wooden floors in New York have been installed for many years, and are still installed today in rising numbers.

Proper use of vacuuming, sweeping, and damp mopping is usually all that is required to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of a wood floor. Oil soaps should not be used to clean the floors. The best suggestion is to use the manufacturer's recommended cleaning products. Excessive grit and foot traffic may affect appearance. A properly finished and maintained wood floor does not accumulate hidden soil or odorous compounds. Wood Floor Wikipedia

Wood Floor Refinishing New York

As we said, one of the greatest advantages of floors which are made from wood is the option to renew it. If you own a place where there is a wooden floor installed, or you installed a wooden floor and need someone to the final process of sanding and finishing the job, you are lucky you found us. Velvet Wood Floor offer a variety of wood floor services in New York, and of course refinishing service.  
If you are looking for refinishing in NYC, there are few things you need to know, that will make things easier for you, and will make the process pass smoothly and easily. As we are well aware of, any home improvement process can be unpleasant, and you need someone who understand that, and that will be able to make it stress free and as smooth as possible.
But the good news are that proper refinishing, as long as it is done by a professional technician, and as long as you maintain the floor, and follow the guidelines of protecting and maintain your wood floor, can last for more than 10 years. And if once every 10 years you need to perform the refining, and enjoy a wood floor that looks and feel like new again, and when we do all we can to make the experience as smooth as possible, you should be happy you got a wooden floor.

Wood floor sanding machine NY

Wood Floor Sanding NYC

If you are looking for a company that offer professional wood floor sanding in New York, you just found them. One of the many specialties of Velvet Wood Floor is sanding, which is an integral part of our wood floor restoration services. We consider the wood floor services as an art work, and we train our technicians to see their job that way. Because this field require knowledge, the right tools, patient, and artistic view of things. If you will take a look at our portfolio, you will see all types of wood floor projects, which require a little more than just knowing which the right tools to use are.
The preparations for the sanding process
Not every wood floor sanding project is in an empty space, and many times we need to move things around the house to be able to perform our job. We will move furniture from our work area, in order to protect them, and to allow our self to work in a clean environment. We will also do our best to let you know how your place will look like once we will complete the project, and we will do all that we can to complete it as soon as we can.

Who need wood floor sanding?

Whether you are located in The Bronx, in Westchester County, or anywhere else, and you want your wood floor to look like new, you may be looking for wood floor sanding service. The look and the feeling of the renewed wood. If you own a wood floor in New York, you probably know what we are talking about, and if you do not own one, we recommend to you to install one.
The type of the sanding that you need can be only determined once we will meet you at your location and examine the floor, and give you our recommendation, which is based on years of experience in the field. Whether it is deep sanding or light sanding, whether your floor may require some repairs and reinforcement before we start the sanding process, all of that can be discussed during a meeting with one of our specialists for a free estimate.

Do It Yourself Refinishing

The problem with the do-it-yourself (DIY) hardwood floor refinishing is that you can learn what you need and how to start, but you never know what exactly going to happen during the process of the refinishing. We are often receiving calls from home owners in New York, and even from contractors, who bought the right materials, and rented the tolls which are needed, read articles and watched many you tube Videos about wood floor sanding in New York, but what they didn’t know is that one of the things that make floors made out of wood so special is the fact that no 2 wood floors are identical, and even 2 rooms in the same house can look different in the small details. So the information you watched on youtube is great, but it is great for the specific place and floor you saw, your wood floor may require different approach (No oil, gentler sanding, reinforcement and many more parameters that change from one project to another).

Wood floor tips

Help and Tips

If you know what you are doing, than just make sure you do it in the safest way, for you, for your family, and for your wood floor. If you are not sue, if you think that there may be something wrong, you can always ask for advice. Sometimes in the construction field, and it does not matter if it is a wood floor installation, or a garage door repair, a small advice can save you a lot of time and money, because a professional contractor, who saw many wood projects, and that have the experience that only many years in the industry can provide, see things in a different way, and he may have tips and tricks, that only someone who deal with flooring on a daily base can give.
For any question, advice, uncertainty, or any other things you would like to know, we are here. Contact us, and one of our flooring specialists in New York will try to assist you.