Wood Floor Sanding New York

Wood Floor Sanding New York
If you are reading this article, you are probably considering to hire someone to restore and refinish your hardwood floor in New York. There aren’t many things you can do to improve the appearance of a house, which will give it a fresh and new look as the wood floor refinishing and sanding can do. Our goal is to see that expression on the faces of our customers, when they see their “old-new” hardwood floor for the first time after we completed the sanding process.
As much as a wood floor refinishing in a form of sanding can really change the way your hardwood floor looks like, it is not always the best choice, from all kinds of reasons. But the main reason is that sometime it is just impossible to refinish the wood floor by sanding it, and it does not matter if it is a hardwood floor in NYC, in Brooklyn or in the Bronx. Some Harwood floor need a different method of refinishing, or just need to be completely replaced.
In this article, we will go over few topics like wood floor sanding in New York; we will go over the options you have when it comes to hardwood flooring refinishing; the do and don’t; and of course the do-it-yourself wood floor sanding which become popular with the rising of the online tutorials and the DIY Youtube Videos.

What is wood floor sanding?

Before we will get deeper into the wood flooring refinishing, first we would like to explain what exactly wood sanding is. This explanation is good for any wood floor, in New York or anywhere else. The wood floor sanding is a process in which the top layer of a wood flooring is removed by sanding it with abrasive materials. During that process, the top of the wood’s surface is removed, and by that it allow the refinisher to bring the wood floor to kind of a “basic” position, that allow him to continue the steps of the refinishing. You should know that a professional wood floor sanding job can last for 10 years, as long as the floor is maintained, and unharmed.

Wood floor sanding machine

Sanding tip # 1: A good preparation can change a lot. When you prepare the wood floor for the sanding properly, you will make the whole process smoother.

Can every wood floor in New York be sanded?

The short answer is NO. To answer in a longer way, for start, we will say that it doesn’t really matter if it is a wood floor in New York, or anywhere else in the USA, because some wood floors are just too thin and fragile to stand and stay useable after a heavy duty sanding machine go over it for few times.
From our experience and the way we see it, if there is a chance that the wood floor will be too thin to go through the sanding process, we will recommend to use a different refinishing method, replace it with a new floor, or we will just choose to pass the job and refuse to accept it. In the past, we had projects that were border cases - where we weren’t sure if the floor will be able to last through the sanding process. After discussing it with customer, we decided to go through the sanding process and start the refinishing, just to find out during the process that sanding the current floor is simply impossible. So if you are considering using the services of a wood floor sanding contractor in New York, first make sure that the process is possible. If not, choose an alternate method

The Wood Floor Sanding Process

  • General preparations: After many years of sanding wood floors in New York, we can tell you one thing: The preparations for the sanding is one of the most important things. If you want to achieve a clean and perfect wood floor, in the shortest time possible, take the time to make the right preparations. Staring form evaluation the floor’s condition as we explained above, through removing all objects from the room, to sealing all the opens and parts that cannot be removed. When you take the time to prepare everything the right way, it will ensure that the sanding job will go in a smooth way.

  • Wood Floor Preparation: Just like the general preparations we described above, the wood itself should also be examined closely, and make sure that it is in the right condition for the sanding process. Whether there are nails sticking out, unbalanced split or damaged boards, sealing cracks and making sure that everything is ready for the sanding job.

  • The Sanding Process: There are many companies and contractors who offer flooring services in NY. Some of them are very professional, and some of them don’t have the experience which is required to be considered a pro in the industry. We are not here to rate contractors in NYC, or determine which contractor is reliable and who is not. We think that the online reviews talk for themselves. But what we can do is to tell you about Velvet Wood Floor, and the way they see and approach a project. If you prefer to read more about the wood flooring sanding process, you can read this article, which is very professional and detailed.

  • There are many ways to sand an old wooden floor. And during many years each contractor learned and developed methods that works best for him. We also developed a method, and that method is to consider our wood flooring projects in New York as a form of an art-work. Yes, you are reading right, although we are a wood floor company, we see ourselves as an artist who is required to perform an art work. There are no identical wood floors in New York. So each wood floor is unique, and require from us to use all the experience and the knowledge, combined with the little tricks we learned during the wood floor projects.
    Some people think that sanding a wooden floor once, will give it the desired look, and make it smooth and ready for the next step. But the truth is that sanding a floor once almost never be enough, and it has nothing with how professional you are. Achieving the desired results require using the right machine, the right movement direction, and know which type of grit will be the one that will take no more than necessary from the floor surface, but also won’t take less than required.

    Wood flooring sanding nyc


    Sanding tip #2: every hardwood floor is unique, and require different grit sequence, and different amount of sanding.

    Do I need wood floor sanding?

    Not necessarily. There are different methods to refinish a hardwood floor and to make it look like new, and we offer all of them. If you wonder what kind of flooring service you need, if you are not sure whether to repair, repair, sand or screen it, we are here to assist you. We offer free estimates for different hardwood flooring services, and we have the knowledge to give you the right advice regarding a wood floor service in New York.
    If you are wondering whether to sand the floor, or to use a different method, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How thick is my floor? If your floor is thinner than ¼ on an inch, it may be impossible to sand the floor.

  • How many times was the floor sanded in the past?

  • What is the final result you are expecting to achieve?

  • What is the general condition of the floor?

  • Is the floor waxed?

  • What type of wood floor do I have?

  • Wood floor screening services New York

    Sometime the floor doesn’t require deep sanding, since it is relatively in good condition, and all that the floor needs is to be refreshed and renewed. In that case, you may want to consider using the services of a company that provide wood floor screening services in New York.
    Unlike the sanding process, the screening is a lighter job, which require less time, less work, and of course eventually will cost you less. But just like with the sanding process, not every wood floor can be screened, and there are limitations. For example, a floor that was waxed, cannot be screened, and you may have to choose an alternative solution for the refinishing. A professional wood floor contractor in New York can give you the right advice and guide you through the process of wood floor refinishing.

    Do it yourself wood floor sanding

    Sanding tip # 3: Not every hardwood floor can be sanded. Some flooring are too old for sanding, and a deep sanding may completely destroy them.

    Do it yourself wood floor sanding, yes or no?

    Today, in the days when you can find a tutorial for almost anything online, and the You Tube website is full of tutorials, from computer repair, through garage door repair to wood floor sanding services. And when it doesn’t really matter if you are located in Manhattan New York or anywhere else, you can find a DIY tutorials for almost anything you would like to know and repair. We are big believer in DIY’S, and we believe that anything can be leaned, but at the same time, we want to limit it, and to say that the DIY isn’t for everyone.
    As we are a wood flooring company which is located in New York, you may think that we are bribed when we sometime recommend to avoid doing it by yourself, and use the help of a wood floor contractor. But the truth is that we witnessed many people who thought that they can do the sanding by themselves, and they find that the things in real life are different from what you see on the Video. It is enough that a part of the wood floor is lose, broken, damaged, or too thin to be sanded, and you may find yourself facing a half sanded wood floor that cannot be completed, although you have all the tools and the products that you need to complete it. But like many things in life, sometime the tools are not enough, and the knowledge is what make the difference. And what may take you hours and even days to figure, may take a few seconds to a professional repairman.
    To get the job get done right, you will need to learn a lot about the wood floor industry, a lot. If you know someone who did a wood floor by doing it himself, it doesn’t mean that you can also do it, since your wood may be different in ways that we will go over soon. And the fact that he refinished his wood floor by DIY, doesn’t mean that a professional wood floor sanding company wouldn’t do a better job. If you are trying to save money, don’t be sure you will be able to do so, because it may end with spending more time, and sometime more money; but if you are interested in learning the field, and have the passion to do things by yourself instead contacting a hardwood flooring company in New York, in that case you should go for it, and we will do all that we can to assist you.



    Sanding tip # 4: Not every wood floor require sanding. If the floor just need to refreshed, and the scratched and damage are shallow and did not hit the wood itself, it may be enough just to screen it, which cost less, and take less time.


    Wood floor Tutorials

    There are many tutorials, which explain all the parts of a complete hardwood floor sanding process. We love the written articles, such as the article by “Wood Floor Doctor”, that explain what are the things to consider, and how to perform a wood floor sanding. You can find the article here.
    Another option, and maybe to most educating ones, are the Video tutorials. There are many of them online, and some of them have a lot of important information on how to properly sand a wood floor. We recommend this Video, and also this Video, which can help you a lot when trying to refinish your hardwood floor by DIY. Please pay attention that may be different restriction for hardwood sanding in different places. Some limitations may apply to wood sanding in New York which doesn’t apply to hardwood in Chicago. If you are located in New York, you can visit this page which discuss wood floor limitations in New York.

    Where to get the tools?

    Before you call or visiting a place that rent wood refinishing tools, you should search and learn exactly which tools are needed to complete the job. You do not want to find in the middle of the project that you are missing something, and a thorough search and learn will ensure that. There are many places in New York that offer wood floor sanding tools rental, and some of them will also share a good advice with you. Just make sure you are getting the right tools for the job, and if the tutorial recommend a certain tool, there is a reason for that.

    Wood floor sanding and safety

    Like any other home improvement DIY, Whether it is a garage door repairs or any other home improvement repaira wood floor sanding project also include some risks and safety measures must be taken. Some of the machines you will be using is heavy and dangerous, and paying attention to the job is important. Here are few safety recommendations when planning to sand a wood floor:
    Make sure that the electric cords are away from the moving machines, to avoid a damage and a risk of getting electrified.

  • There are flammable materials and products, including the sanding dust. Consider it a risk, and empty the bag before it is full. Here is an article about the risks of flammable objects during hardwood sanding.

  • Use protections like eye protection, ears and body parts. And since the dust that released during the process is extremely unhealthy and can be dangerous, use respiratory protection.

  • Make sure you know what you are doing in each step. Do not “hope” or “wish” you are doing the right thing. If you will do the wrong thing, you may create more damage than good, but more important, you will put yourself in risk of injuries and even death.

  • It is ok to ask. If you are not sure, ask someone or ask us. Although we are located in NYC, we may still be able to help you if you are located out of New York.

  • Learn the rules and restriction of the wood floor refinishing in the city you live in. The rules which apply to hardwood sanding in Manhattan NY, may be different from the rules someplace else in the United States.

  • Always use common sense. If something seems wrong to you, stop and think.

    Wood floor services New York
  • Our Hardwood Flooring Sanding in New York

    Velvet Wood Floor of NYC provide high quality hardwood floors sanding services in the 5 Boroughs of New York. One of our many specialties is wood floor sanding. We carry high quality machines and materials to perform a top of the lone sanding projects like we did many times in the past. We offer free estimates in New York, and free phone consultation, to help you make the right decision regarding your wood floor service.
    Our technicians are licensed, insured and experienced in the Hardwood flooring services, and have successfully completed countless sanding projects in New York. Whether it is a wood floor screening in the Bronx, a new wood floor installation in Manhattan NY, a wood floor refinishing in Brooklyn, or hardwood flooring repairs in Staten Island, we can help. With years of experience, tons of knowledge, and a professional technicians, no project will be too small or too much for our teams.
    If you need a free estimate, if you have a question you would like to get answered, if you are wondering what will be the best decision for you, or if you just want to hear our opinion, we welcome you to contact us. We offer large selection of Hardwood flooring selection, and we have a thick portfolio of wood flooring projects we have successfully completed in New York.