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With today’s high-tech products, and the development of the hardwood flooring industry, in New York, or anywhere else, you do not need to work too hard to preserve and maintain your wood floor. If you recently installed a new wood floor, or if you recently performed a wood floor refinishing in New York, there are few things you can do and follow, in order to maintain and preserve your hardwood floor. If you ever asked yourself why your wood floor look old after only few years? You can find the answers in this post, and you will probably find that you did, or did not do certain things.
It is important to clear, that following those rules will not keep your hardwood floor like new for good, but it will definitely delay the next time you will need wood flooring services in New York. And until that time, maintaining your hardwood floor the right way will ensure that your wood floor will stay beautiful for a long time.
We gathered some tips and recommendations regarding a wood floor maintenance in New York, which will help you maintain your hardwood floor. There are many levels for maintaining a wood floor, some or “to do” and some are things to try and avoid. It may be impossible to follow all of them all the time, but following most of them or following them most of the time will be better than not knowing them or ignoring them.

Standing water are the enemy of the wood floor. Quickly dry and wipe standing water, before they will go deeper and damage your wood floor.

Tips for maintaining a wood floor in New York:

Cleaning the wood floor

Some people think that the recommendation to use a certain cleaning materials which are designed for wood flooring in New York is a way for the companied who invented the cleaning material to make more money. What they don’t know is that the specific product was created especially for wood floors, and using a product which was designed for other type of floors, like tiles, can hurt your hardwood floor, and speed up its dulling process. Never use a cleaning product which was designed for other type of floor other than wood floor for your floor. And not every product that fit wood floor will necessarily be good for your wood floor. Always check what the recommendations of the manufacture for your hardwood floor cleaning.

Standing water are the enemy of the wood floor.

Avoid using too much water since it can damage the woodfloor. Depending on the type of wood floor you have in New York, and the finishing, locate the right product to use for cleaning. If someone accidentally spilled water on the wood floor, wipe and dry it quickly to avoid deeper damage. If you have to, (Again following the manufacture recommendations, use a nearly dry mop).

Use pads under the furniture

To prevent a standing furniture from hurting and scratching the wood floor, use a pad between the furniture and the floor, and replace them from time to time to avoid dirt.

Day to day protection

If possible, try and minimize walking over the wood floor with high heels and snickers. Repeatedly walking over a wood floor with heels or sneakers can harm the floor in the long run.
Try also to avoid dragging heavy objects over the wood floor. They can a=create deep scratches that cannot be removed without a deeper treatment. Try and lift them above the floor and prevent them from touching the floor.

General protection

The best way to fight dirt, which can also lead to scratches and damage to the floor, is to prevent it from entering the house. Using a rug at the entrance to the house, for people to clean their shoes, will prevent most of the dirt from entering the house, and end up on your wood floor.

Shade your wood floor

Try and avoid direct sun on the wood floor. It may affect the color and the finish of your wood floor.

Try and use rugs

In areas where people tend to walk on the most. But remember to clean and vacuum them often, since they tend to collect dust, sand and grit.

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    To make things easier, here is a “do” and “don’t do” list, regarding a wood floor maintenance in New York:

    Things to do:
    Clean your wood floor regularly.
    Use the right cleaning materials as recommended by the manufacture.
    Trim pets nails, to avoid scratches.
    Use window covers to prevent direct sun on the wood floor surface.
    Use rugs at entrances and high traffic areas.
    Quickly mop and dry water that spilled on the wood floor.
    Use a professional wood floor contractor.
    Use pads bellow furniture.

    Things you shouldn’t do:
    Do not walk with shoes that can damage the floor like high heels and snickers.
    Do not apply products which are not recommended for you wood floor.
    Do not use a lot of water to clean the floor or allow water to stand.
    Do not drag furniture’s and other objects that can damage the floor.
    Do not try and refinish your wood floor by DIY.
    Never use Ammonia or products which contain it.

    To read more, you can visit this article from Wiki How on how to clean a wood floor.

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